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Trade in real-time
Across all on chain liquidity.

Access, Uniswap, Kyber and Oasis liquidity
all in one powerful DEX platform.

START TRADINGright_arrow2 is your advanced trading platform enabling trustless real-time trading of tokenized assets on the Ethereum blockchain.

img2Non custodial

We are never in control of users funds. Decentralizing escrow eliminates the risk of us being hacked and our reserves can be audited at all times.

img3Powerful interface

Intuitive trading interface with advance trading options for pros. Monitor realtime trades and volumes across the whole DeFi ecosystem.

img1DeFi Liquidity

On top of liquidity, our order books natively integrate Uniswap, Kyber and Oasis so your orders are always matched at the best available rate across DeFi.

img4Gassless Trading

Submit, edit and cancel your orders without paying any gas. A small settlement cost is paid to the Ethereum network only when a trade is matched and settled.

Trustless Trading

All users funds are in decentralized escrow in an Ethereum smart contract. Users directly deposit and withdraw their funds to and from that smart contract.

Users cryptographically sign the orders they submit to the market platform, which operates an orderbook and matches trades. These Trades are then published and verified through the smart contract which ensures that the orders have been matched at the signed - or a better - rate.

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Powerful APIs

Our Websocket API enables fast user input confirmations and real-time distribution of market information. We aim to provide the best tools for professionals and high-frequency traders.

best1 Best-Price Guarantee

Makers are guaranteed that the first resting order at the most favourable price will instantly be matched with the next taker-order (“first in - first out”)

img4Cost Efficient System

Save on gas costs through off-chain price negotiation & trade pooling. Free order cancellations are possible.

best3Advanced order types

We provide traders with unique order types and exclusive trading options: Besides Limit and Market Orders, users can tie their ETH value to a FIAT rate.

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