Launching Soon!

Our new Ethereum hybrid DEX is almost ready. Get Early Access to be the one of the first to trade fully non-custodial, on a liquid DEX, with the trading experience of a centralized exchange.
Intuitive Interface

Easy-to-use trading interface with advanced options for pros. Simply connect your wallet and start trading your favourite ERC20 in ETH, DAI and wBTC pairs.

Networked Liquidity

From launch connects liquidity from Kyber, Uniswap, and Eth2dai into one order book, so you can confidently trade at the best price from one interface.

Powerful APIs & Client Libraries

Our WebSocket API enables fast user input confirmations and real-time access to market data. Whether you are just starting algo trading or you have years of experience, we have the best tools for your trading needs.

Advanced Order Types

Besides Limit-, Market-, and Hidden Limit Orders, users can tie their ETH value to a FIAT rate. Let your orders do the work for you.

We will personally get in touch with you for Early Access to, trading fee advantages, win ERC20 based merch and custom Chatbox icons, just enter your email address below: join now as we have limited availability for the Early Access group and trading benefits.